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T-Mobile / AT&T / Verizon missing messages (RCS) - I am seeing message in stock app but not in Handcent Next SMS

Please go to the phone built in message app/stock message app, long press one message see message details. If it shows as "Advanced Message" or "Chat"  it is what is referred to as an RCS message, it's not an SMS or MMS message.

in fact ,Chat messages that are using RCS protocol (it's a new generation of SMS/MMS ,that only supported by a few NEW PHONES with new Android system) . At present Handcent Next sms app do not support such a feature (Iphone also does not support it). So in this case if you want to receive messages normally via Next sms So you need to disable RCS feature in the phone built in message app settings. After you disable it , the recipient's phone will get the information from the carrier, so their messages will be sent as regular SMS/MMS automatically. After that you can set Next sms app as default message app again. The following are examples about how to turn off RCS feature in the phone built in message app settings.

For regular Google Android phone: Go to phone message app settings>>Chat features>> uncheck Enable chat features


For Samsung Phones, go to phone built in message app settings>>chat settings>>disable RCS(Rich Communication settings)


If you still not clear about how to turn off RCS or have any questions please contact us at