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How to add contacts in the blacklist? And how to remove them from blacklist?

Blacklisting all you need to know

Blacklisting is intended to hide messages from you that you're not interested in, for example spam messages, people who are harassing you that you want to ignore, etc. Blacklisted people don't receive anything when they send you a text message, they wouldn't know that they're blacklisted.

Add contacts in the blacklist:

To use blacklist, just long hold any contact in the conversation list you want to blacklist, and press ‘Blacklist’.  Also you can go to‘Manage Blacklist’ and add the contacts. 



Remove contact from blacklist: 

In the app, click on ‘Inbox’  on the top left, then click ‘More’ to go the feature page. (You can also hold and then swipe right on the conversation page ). Then click on Settings -> All -> Security and  privacy -> Manager blacklist ->Hold on contact and wipe to left side , then choose exit icon. 


P.S: The password for blacklist can’t be reset, so make sure you pick a password you can remember.