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What is MMS+ and how to use it?

MMS+(Subscription required):

When it comes to MMS, the file you attach can’t surpass 1MB, or else it has to be compressed before it gets sent. And usually you can only send one pic as a time. With our MMS+ service, you will be able to send full-size pictures, music, and video as big as 25MB, you can also send 10 files* at one time instead of 1. (Files will be automatically deleted after it expires)

Expiration time: 1 day for guest user; 3 days for logged-in user

Size limit: 10MB for guest user; 25MB for logged-in user

How to send MMS+ message:

You can user the MMS+ service, when the media file you are trying to send exceeds the MMS size limit.


When it exceeds the size limit, we'll automatically convert the message to MMS+ and send a notification at the bottom.


It can also compress the picture if it is too big to send. Sending the pictures in its original size will require MMS+.


There is a size limit(10MB for guest user; 25MB for logged-in user). If the size is larger than the size limit, you won't be able to select the file.


After adding the file in the attachment, you can preview,edit,delete. Click the thumbnail can preview the selected picture. 


How to receive MMS+

Default setting: User view the file directly, it'll expire after some time. It'll start to load after clicking.It'll be displayed as a superlink on phones that don't have Handcent installed.

Click to view the message in browser.