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Download app and restore data/membership related questions

After Next SMS is back on the play store, search the term 'Next SMS' in the play store to install. Our app has been updated to ensure 100% security and certified by Google. There're various ways to retrieve your data back depending on your app status, we will break it down below:

1. If you can't find the app or get a warning message for uninstall,you can simply need to update it by cliking to install/ update the app, all your data and settings should still be there. If you can't use the app or there's only warning with no update option, you will need to do the following steps to activate the app. 

(1) Enable the app(click the enable button in the pic), the warning is about the previous version.

Screenshot_20220327-071753_Google Play Store.jpg

(2) Go to the play store, and update the app to the latest secure version.
(3) You can the scan the app using ‘Play Protect’, our app is good to go now.


2. To get your membership back and to use your paid service, simply log in the account in the app. All your existing membership remains the same, no need to worry about losing it or having to buy/renew again. Once logged in, you will see all your existing service. 

3. For those of you who use private box, please log in with your handcent account. Then go to private box main page, click "..." , and select "private box settings". Lastly click the "restore" to restore your private box from history scheduled local backup.

4. For those who have backup in the cloud, it will be easy to restore data/settings from the Cloud.

If you encounter other problems, feel free to contact us at