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How to backup my messages?

Log in on Handcent Next SMS and go to Handcent ‘Backup’ on the feature page. On the backup page, you will see ‘Back up’ & ’Restore‘. There are two ways you can back your messages up to Handcent Cloud : ‘Manually Backup’ & ‘Auto Backup’. 

Manually Backup :

Under ‘Backup Settings’, you can select what you want to back up (Message/ Privacy Box/ Shedule Task/ Settings). Click ‘Back up immediately’ to start,  you will get ‘Back up Successfully’ message once finished.  You can also back up selected contacts' messages from some contacts by clicking ‘ Message/Privacy Box’. 

Auto Backup: 

On Backup page, if auto backup is turned off, you will see ‘Auto Backup is disable’.  After turning it on, you will see the red ‘Enable’.  Click it to set up auto back up settings. If you've already turned on Auto Backup feature, you will get red ‘Modify". Click it to change the settings. 

After messages are successfully backed up, you can log in your account by visiting <> . On website,you could browse all you back-ups and manage them.