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There´s not sound, vibration or notification icon when receiving new message?

I)See device Settings -> Apps/Apps management -> Handcent Next SMS -> Notifications ON.

II)In the Next SMS app, click on ‘Inbox’  on the top left, then click ‘More’ to go the feature page. (You can also hold and then swipe right on the conversation page ). Then click on Settings -> All -> Notification settings -> Not receiving notification 


III)After clicking on ‘Not receiving notification’ , a list of a will apps will pop up. Confirm that Next SMS is not blocked by them, check none of apps of this nature are interfering. For example:

• ExceptMe 

• After School 

• Light Manager

• Lightflow

• Cleanmaster, check quiet notifications is OFF

• General Settings -> Sound & notification -> Advanced options, ensure Less frequent notification sounds is set to Default Behaviour

• Or typically it's another SMS app or Security app (e.g. Textra,  Go SMS, Contacts+, Hangouts, Verizon Messages,360 Security etc) interfering.

• Please disable/uninstall updates (typically found in your device Settings -> App Management/Apps etc) or completely uninstall/remove the culprit and Handcent Next SMS should work perfectly!