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How to use Handcent Anywhere(How to link your computer(PC/Mac) to cellphone)

1.Make sure you have installed Handcent SMS in your phone. (Download link:<>)

When you log in Handcent Sms, and then scroll to the right (or you can also click inbox then tap more) to go to our feature page, you will see:

We can see anywhere icon at the second row, click on it, yo will see:


And then click on the icon with arrow to the right to start 'Anywhere'


2. Log in on any browser in your PC/Mac 

Hancent Anywhere Web server(link:



3.You will see the device link after you log in. Choose the device you want to connect, and then connect

4. Click &lsquo;Connect device&rsquo;, once you are successfully connected, you will see

Congrats! Now you can use Handcent Anywhere on computer now